"Alumni Flyer"

Along with my colleague at the MSU Billings Alumni Association, I launched this bimonthly e-newsletter. I've contributed by writing content, producing photos, and creating and editing the final product.

"Alumni Flyer"
I write content for the MSU Billings Alumni Association's bimonthly e-newsletter, "Alumni Flyer". In December 2019 and February 2020, I created the full newsletter in my coworker's absence, which involved content creation, design, editing, and distribution. Stories from these newsletters can be found in the link below.
Letter to Alumni
In each newsletter, I write a letter to alumni, based on a newsworthy event or topic. In October, I provided them with the backstory about the new ice cream at MSU Billings.
Shirley Gruber's Story
Shirley Gruber, a 99-year-old alumna from the class of 1939, had such an inspirational story. I wrote this piece for the newsletter after she participated as a Golden Graduate.
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