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I have created content for and designed websites through my work in journalism, student affairs, and public relations.

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MSU Billings Alumni Association

I collaborate with my coworker to manage content on the MSU Billings Alumni Asociation website, which involves updating articles, events, and general page changes.

Employee Benefit Management Services
I managed content on the EBMS website, which involved updating articles and events.

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch
I spearheaded the YBGR website redesign to modernize the aesthetics and improve the mobile navigation. In addition, I edited and created content for the site. Many of the press releases and stories I wrote, in addition to events I hosted, were updated on this site.

MSU Billings First Year Experience
I edit and create content for the First Year Experience website at MSU Billings. The site consists of tips and tricks for freshmen, as well as introductory information to guide them through their first year of college. This site also showcases the e-newsletter I created and launched, entitled "The BuzzFeed".

One Long Route
I focused my master's degree thesis research on what the Montana Office of Public Instruction recognized as the longest school bus route in the state. The reports explored the sacrifices students and families made in order to get an education… and how tax dollars were being misused. Partially as a result of my investigation, Montana legislators conducted a legislative audit to reevaluate how bus mileage was reported.

I worked with other journalism graduate students to develop a website focusing on young people's opinions of President Obama one year after his election.

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